Five Simple Ways To Decorate With Nature: Nature Home Decor Tips

Five Simple Ways To Decorate With Nature: Nature Home Decor Tips

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that we're at heart nature-lovers. Nature home decor became one of the hottest trends in Winter 2020. So we're sharing five simple ways to decorate with nature, to create a relaxing atmosphere within your own home. 

As we've shared before, being outdoors in nature is a very relaxing and stress-relieving activity. 

So why not bring it into your own home? 

Before you decide to wallpaper one wall a full forest scene, there are easier ways to bring the outdoors in. 

1. Plants, Including "Outdoor" Plants

Whether it's a potted fern or a Norfolk Island Pine, having a few plants around the home, that remind you of wild outdoor spaces are a great way to decorate with nature. 

Not all outdoor plants are good for the indoors. Many conifers, however, can be grown inside with regular pruning (otherwise they'll grow too tall). 

Nature home decor tips

Also consider plants such as moss. It can easily grow in a pot or container with high humidity and sunlight. It creates a vibrant green focal point in any room.


2. Nature Wall Art

Another easy way to decorate with nature is to use visual images.


Nature decor tips - nature wall art


Whether it's a landscape photo or a minimalist image of a nature element, nature wall art is one of the easiest ways to surround yourself with soothing visions of the outdoors.

Choose imagery in greens, blues, earthy tones and grays to set a relaxing mood.

For drama, consider black and white and monochrome photos. Intersperse your nature scenes with text-based or line art designs with nature slogans and cool nature facts. 


3. Wall Paint Colour

One of the simplest ways to decorate with nature is to tap into the colours of nature.

Soothing colours that evoke the serenity the outdoors creates include:

  • green
  • blue
  • teal and sea-green
  • gray
  • cool neutral/stone

White is also a great choice as it's neutral and can be a beautiful backdrop for nature wall art. 

Consider your mood when you're in a curry yellow room. You're thinking hot, spicy and delicious. It's not the best colour for a bedroom or a personal space where you want to unwind after a busy day. 

So look to cool colours on the colour wheel if you want to make your home a relaxing escape from the busy world. 


4. Sprigs And Wildflowers

If you have a garden in your backyard, you're got one of the easiest ways to decorate your home with nature. 

Whether it's a leafy sprig off a bush or a few flowers from your garden, they can add a splash of colour and freshness to your home decor.

If you don't have a garden, even a few wildflowers picked on a walk in a field can make for a beautiful but simple arrangement. 

Use glass jars for a rustic look, or taller, slim glass vases for more elegance.


5. Nature-Themed Cushion Covers

Whether it's a simple, minimalist black-and-white nature-themed cushion cover or one with a more colourful design, decorating your couch or favourite chair is an easy way to bring the outdoors into your home.


nature home decor tips - nature cushions


Consider trees, wildlife or print designs that work with your room's colour palette. 


Complement Nature Home Decor With Nature Sounds

Aside from these five simple ways to decorate with nature, consider also the sounds in your home. 

You can add a small indoor fountain that gives you soothing water sounds. Alternately, create a playlist with ambient music that includes nature and wildlife sounds. 

There you go! Now you have your own little nature oasis that's perfect for your work-at-home space, bedroom, living room or quiet personal space. 


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